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Understand and make the right choice.

We give the option to cover different learning spaces and type of learners. We have a game for every player.

Distance Learning – Available for iOS®, Android® & Webgl®.

Real Classroom – Available for Android®

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The process made easy

Selection of Games

You can select any of our games with ready

content or give us your content for it.

User Interfaces

You can select any of the existing UI for the

games or we can have yours designed.

Full Content Customization

We can design a new game, new UI, and plug

your content into it.


Real Classroom / Event Setup

We have the Multiplayer Team Training Platform for usage in a Real Classroom / Event Set-up, without the need of having internet connection.

The solution is very suitable for training centers, company office workshops, schools, or any live learning space. The Platform runs in a special mode, where an instructor/promoter is leading the gaming experience.

We can also provide the full event set-up, inclusive of tablets, promoter, and stand-building.

Multiplayer Classroom

Demo of Real Classroom - Cyber-mons

Distance Learning

Multiplayer Team Training in the format for Distance Learning is composed of individual games that can be purchased stand-alone or in packs of games. They are available for different devices and OS.

You can play with anyone, at any location. Competition within a team and between different teams is possible.

You can purchase a ready program/content or you can select from different customization options.


Gamification facts

Gamification has the power to improve your business performance. In recent years, team-building activities with gamified elements became a big deal. Most major organizations have already implemented gamification in their business strategy. Why? Because their leaders understand the importance of employee commitment and motivation. You can download here some very interesting stats about gamification.

A better way for a team building

  • 3 days free trial
  • 2 players account for the trial
  • Variety of pricing options depending on demand

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