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Gamify your team training


Expand your training strategy with innovative &

creative approaches.


Select from our ready content topics or provide us with

your training material.


Select from our UI options or order your branded look

& feel. Order your custom designed game.


Engage your team in exciting game experiences while

delivering knowledge.

Platform Variety

Solutions for Real Classroom/Event Set-up and for a

Distance Learning for different learning spaces.


Measure team knowledge and individual

performances. Follow the learning progress in real-time


Motivate your colleagues to enhance their learning

with a fun experience

Game Options

Select one or multiple games to plug your training

content to provide a variety of learning options.


Award the best-scored team members in the creative

collaborative learning.

Race towards the future of learning

Why game-based assessment and training?

Collaborative learning is a powerful tool to use to build a great team-building experience.

Team competition boosts the motivation to win, which is proportional to the measured knowledge.

Game-based assessment removes the feeling of being tested, increases dopamine in the brain, consequently increases motivation, attention, and decreases stress levels.

Repetition of the information offered in the Multiplayer Team Training Platform helps with the higher retention of the gathered knowledge.

100 % Engagement, 100% Results, 100% Learning Outcome.

How does it work?

5 simple steps to start

Learn more about the process and the platform variations. Select the type of your organization:

People Say…

Gamification Facts

Gamification has the power to improve your business performance. In recent years, team-building activities with gamified elements became a big deal. Most major organizations have already implemented gamification in their business strategy. Why? Because their leaders understand the importance of employee commitment and motivation. You can download here some very interesting stats about gamification.


We can turn any kind of Quiz format into exciting gaming experiences.

For Training Centers, Events, or Distance Learning.

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